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What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology supports people in finding probable causes and individualised solutions to their problems.

You know there is an issue (mental, emotional or physical) but you can’t quite identify the cause or work out a solution yet.

Perhaps you’ve been told that you or your child has a particular condition, or have been given a diagnosis and don’t know what to do next. You haven’t yet found a way of moving through it, or you’re stuck in a space of grappling with understanding how you even got here.

What’s our next step… Who do I turn to?

Kinesiology does not diagnose.

It instead looks at the symptoms that the client finds undesirable and works towards finding solutions that can alleviate their symptoms.

I work as a translator of sorts between your conscious mind and your body, so you can better understand yourself and feel in control of your own life.

I use muscle testing to ask your body what is happening or what it needs. Your body also responds or answers via muscle testing. I let you know what the response is and we work together to come up with reasonable solutions that fit in with your individual situation.

These solutions may be lifestyle or nutritional changes and support, brain integration techniques, non-invasive meridian balancing techniques, or movement exercises to integrate retained primitive reflexes, just to name a few. All balancing techniques are non-invasive and I always muscle test to check if it is the right technique for you.

I work with children, teenagers, adults of all ages, and even pets occasionally.

I have a particular interest in how our brain develops and changes through learning and the effects of retained primitive reflexes in both adults and children. As well as Kinesiology Sessions, I also offer Literacy and Numeracy Tutoring for adults and children. Tutoring can be combined with kinesiology sessions to remove emotional or mental blocks, improving confidence and speeding up the learning process.

There are as many different ways of using Kinesiology as there are practitioners.  Within my own practice as a Kinesiologist, I use kinesiology to support people searching for the root cause of their issue, and then work to find a way through to practical solutions that fit their individual needs, motivations and lifestyle.

Who is your Kinesiologist?