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nadine vielle

I’m Nadine Vielle.

I found out about kinesiology as a teenager when I was struggling to understand my emotions and regulate my responses and behaviour.

Through the use of muscle testing, with a Chiropractor, who used Applied Kinesiology, we went straight to the underlying cause of any issue I was experiencing and found practical solutions that worked for me as an individual.

I continue to use kinesiology as my go-to modality whenever I am confused and looking for practical solutions to any health or wellbeing issue.

I have a Diploma in Kinesiology (PKP), a Certificate IV in Education Support and a BA in Languages and Applied Linguistics.

I’ve been involved in English language teaching for adults for over 15 years. I have also worked in primary schools as a Teacher Aide supporting students with learning difficulties and delivering Body to Brain Learning @ School a neurodevelopmental programme focusing on maturing retained primitive reflexes. As a Kinesiologist, I provide the opportunity to identify and lessen the emotional, mental and physical blocks preventing you from moving forward in your life.

From young children through to teenagers and adults, I support people with issues ranging from neurodevelopmental issues (Retained Primitive Reflexes) and learning difficulties to emotional regulation, food intolerances and improving general wellbeing.

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Nadine makes it possible for me to see these things and find solutions to them so I can move them and be calmer.


I always feel a sense of lightness and joy straight after a session – like a huge weight has been lifted.


Nadine’s work integrates and considers all aspects of my complete self – mental, spiritual, physical.